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Guide to dealing with late payments for SMEs

Last post: Dec 2, 2015

One of the concerns of many small and medium size business owners is the number of their customers that are late in arranging payment of their invoice. Such delays can cause financial issues for those awaiting payment of varying degrees but could lead to some businesses being liquidated.

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The Implications Of A Business County Court Judgment (CCJ)

Last post: Nov 20, 2015

If you run a business as a sole trader, in partnership or as a limited company and have got into financial difficulty such as not being able to meet bank loan repayments or pay one of your suppliers then an option open to a creditor is to apply for a county court judgment (CCJ) against you.

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Retail Lessons You Can Learn From Pretty Woman

Last post: Oct 24, 2014

We look at what can be learned about best retail practices from the film 'Pretty Woman'

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Get More For Your Money – How To Negotiate With Your Suppliers

Last post: Oct 21, 2014

Negotiating with Suppliers is never easy, but it can save you a lot of money. We share some tips in this informational guide.

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Five Ways To Grow Your Business

Last post: Oct 12, 2014

As if getting your business up and running and established were not hard enough, small business owners then face the much underestimated, and sometimes very difficult, task of growing that business into a solid and burgeoning enterprise. This is a task which can take a very different shape for each individual business, but in all cases is a crucial stage of development which is required to turn the firm into a sustainable one which will stand the test of time.

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What an Underwriter looks for in your Business Loan application

Last post: Oct 6, 2014

In a guest blog, lead underwriter at the peer-to-peer lender ReBuilding Society explains how underwriters review loan applications.

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