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We offer the following business finance products:

Crowdfunded Business Loan

A Crowdfunded Business Loan is available to established, profitable businesses with clean credit records. Loans are generally unsecured (up to £250,000) and typical interest rates are 7-11%

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Short Term Unsecured Business Loan

A Short Term Unsecured Business Loan can be arranged very quickly without the need for a lot of paperwork. Up to £100,000 is available same day or up to £500,000 in 7-10 days. Loans are repaid normally over 12 months but can be up to 3 years.

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Merchant Cash Advance

A Merchant Cash Advance allows retailers who take debit/credit card payments to get cash using their card sales as security. Repayment is made via a percentage of card sales and they are flexible for clients with adverse credit history.

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Pension Led Business Finance

If you have an old pension or a SIPP you can use that to invest in your business via a loan. The process is subject to HMRC rules and so the loan will need to be secured, be at a commercial rate and for a defined term.

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Overdraft Alternatives

Nowadays you don't have to go to your bank for an overdraft. There are several private firms who will give you a flexible overdraft in amounts from a few thousand pounds up to as much as £500,000

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Asset Finance

Asset Finance allows you get the cars, vans, lorries, equipment, plant and machinery for your business with fixed rate finance over a 3 or 5 year term. You can either buy the asset outright or lease it as suits you.

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Asset Backed Loan

Use any valuable asset you own as security for a loan for periods of up to 3 years. This option is great if you have poor credit (or no credit) as it's a lll about the asset. Payout available within days.

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Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance sees you paid for your invoices without having to wait for the payment term. You have the choice of either Factoring, Invoice Discounting or, a recent innovation, Invoice Trading (i.e.crowd funding of your invoices).

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Commercial Mortgages

With a Commercial Mortgage you can either purchase the building your business is in or buy property for investment purposes. We search through both High Street banks and private lenders to find you the best deal for your circumstances.

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