Developing a PR strategy

Last post: Jun 27, 2023

Implementing an effective PR strategy as part of your overall marketing strategy will help you communicate with your audiences through various channels in a meaningful way​. Press coverage i.e. unpaid coverage from an independent third party, presents your business and its products or services as credible and trustworthy​ An effective PR strategy can also help you increase company awareness, it can assist the sales process, drive employee engagement and attract talent and complement other marketing activities.

Here are some things to consider when developing your PR strategy:

1.    Be clear about what you want to communicate - Develop the key messages you want to communicate. What does your business stand for and what do you want your customers to understand about your products or services?

2.   Where will you find your audience? Find out what type of content your audiences are interested in and do some research into the type of media they consume.

3.   Plan PR activity around your marketing schedule – Share news about new product launches, events and open days and make the most of seasonal opportunities. Don't forget to share company news such as any community fundraising or new hires with the relevant media.

4.   Become a thought leader – Become a reliable source of information and become recognised as a leading voice in your industry through commissioned articles, profile pieces and comment in relevant publications.

5.   Enter awards - Awards are a great way to raise the profile of your company, attract staff and boost team morale.​ Identify suitable local and national award schemes and put together an award schedule to enable you to keep track of deadlines.

6.   Make the most of it - What other channels or activities can benefit your profile and raise awareness among your audiences? This could include writing guest blogs for another company or partnering with a charity to run events or by getting involved in their activities.

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