14 wins to boost your marketing today

Last post: Apr 12, 2023

Nicole Martin from Pinpoint Marketing Consultancy Ltd gives us her 14 wins to boost your marketing today:

1. Take a snapshot report of where the business is today eg number of social media followers, sales, number of leads and their source, Google analytics (users, page views etc), number on database, number of newsletter opens etc.

2. If you haven't already, create a sign up form for your database/newsletter and share this link on your socials, to your network etc to encourage sign ups.

3. Chase up on any enquiries, leads and prospects that have not yet responded or signed up.

4. Ask any current and past clients whom you have a good relationship with for a testimonial or LinkedIn testimonial/kudos or Google review.

5. Check your social profiles. Are they up to date with the right opening hours, contact info, branding etc.

6. Check your website. Are they up to date with the right opening hours, contact info, branding etc.

7. Ask your network to like and follow your profiles and share your posts for more engagement and exposure.

8. Look at your Google analytics and social media insights to see what topics are popular and what posts are engaging people the most. Then create some more posts around these such topics.

9. Contact your current or lapsed customers and upsell to them, where relevant and appropriate.

10. Whilst contacting these contacts, ask them could they consider referring you.

11. And still whilst in contact ask if they fancy a coffee or call or dog walk or whatever suits, so you can catch up on what they are offering and update them on what you are offering.

12. Write an upload a blog for your website on a topic based loosely around a service you want to promote.

13. Create a promotion or mini campaign around a service you are going to promote and sell more of.

14. Go to some networking events (do your research first to make sure they are right for your business and attended by your target audience)

Pinpoint Marketing Consultancy Ltd is an independent marketing consultancy in Buckinghamshire specialising in working with small businesses to provide realistic and effective marketing help to grow your business.

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