Anonymous Loans

Loans taken out without the borrower’s details being known to the lender.

An anonymous loan is one that your business can take out without your details being disclosed to the lender. A loan may be anonymous in the case of a crowdfunded business loan, which involves money being borrowed not from one lender or institution, but instead from multiple smaller lenders that have joined forces to raise the funds.

What is crowdfunding?

This is the process of raising funds for a project or venture not from one individual or entity, but instead from multiple individuals or entities that contribute smaller amounts towards the total. As it is arranged and overseen by a central crowdfunding platform instead of your business, you do not have to directly manage and disclose your business’s details to your individual lenders.

Practical Application Example

“ An example of an anonymous loan is a crowdfunded loan raised from multiple lenders who have come together to raise the necessary funds, but who aren’t given direct access to the business’s details. It typically involves a firm or individual using a central crowdfunding platform, such as Kickstarter, which may enable them to conceal their own identity or other information about themselves. ”