Debt Consolidation Loans

A temporary loan that enables a struggling company to better manage its debt obligations.

When you have multiple forms of business debt that you are struggling to manage – including from lenders, creditors, suppliers, corporate credit cards or collection agencies – you may wish to seek a debt consolidation loan.

How can a debt consolidation loan assist your company?

A debt consolidation loan is a solution that can reduce your monthly business payment commitments while also improving cash flow and helping to avoid insolvency and subsequent liquidation.

Practical Application Example

“ Debt consolidation loans for business can work in much the same way as debt consolidation loans for individuals, enabling the borrower to combine their debts into a single manageable monthly loan. While you will still need to pay back all of the money you owe, such a loan may enable you to reduce your monthly outgoings, lower your interest rate or spread your costs out over a longer time period. ”