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  • Unsecured business loans of up to £250,000 for terms up to five years are available
  • Secured business loans of up to several million are subject to asset quality, credit checks and LTV
  • You must be an established business, usually with two years trading history
  • The business must have clean credit, no CCJs or recent defaults

Currently unavailable

We are currently reviewing our unsecured loan lending panel and are unable to accept applications for unsecured loans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it affect my credit score to apply?    

No. All our lenders use ‘soft’ credit checks which do not affect your credit score.

How long is the online application?    

It’s quite short. We just need contact details, 3 years’ address history, 3 years’ work history, income details and what you want the loan for. It all takes about 5-6 minutes to complete.

How long does it take before the loan is paid out?    

Depending on the lender you are approved with it can be same day but most likely 24-48 hours.

What if I'm not approved for an unsecured personal loan?    

We have other options: you could look at a Secured Loan if you are a homeowner or a Guarantor Loan if you are not.

Is the loan at a Fixed or variable rate?    

All Unsecured Personal Loans we offer are at a fixed rate for the term of the loan.

By cutting out the middleman, these types of peer-to-peer business loans can often be achieved at a cheaper rate. To qualify for crowdfunding, your business must be profitable and prove you are able to make repayments.

Crowdfunders look at historical data and won't lend against projections.

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