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What Bridging loans are available?

  • Available across the UK (restrictions apply in Northern Ireland)
  • Available up to 75% on a first charge, 65% on a second charge and 60% on a third or fourth charge
  • Loans secured on residential and commercial property or other assets
  • Amounts available from £10,000 to several million

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most import an thing to consider when being approved for a Bridging Loan?    

Your exit. The first thing lenders will want to know is how you intend to repay the loan and how credible that plan is

How much can I get?    

There is no maximum nominal amount but it depends on the LTV. For a 1st charge we can get up to 75% LTV and for a 2nd charge up to 65% LTV all depending on the nature and location of the property/asset being offered as security.

How long can I have a Bridging Loan for?    

Normally up to 12 months but in some circumstances you can extend to 18 or even 24 months though interest may need to be periodically serviced in these longer loans.

Can I get one on an unmortgageable property?    

That’s exactly what Bridging Finance is for. You can use the bridging Loan to bring the property to a mortgageable condition and exit the Bridging Loan with that finance.

How fast can it be arranged?    

It can be done in 48 hours but at a cost, so we would prefer to say 5-7 days.

Can I get one if I have adverse credit?    

Generally speaking yes, but if your credit is very severe then maybe not.

What will the cost be?    

Interest is expressed monthly and is from 0.5%-1.75% per month. Lower rates are for loans with a low LTV, on a property/asset that can be easily resold in the event of foreclosure, a strong-credit borrower and a clear exit. 

What are the fees to arrange a loan?    

If you choose to use us to arrange your finance you will be charged a fee of typically 1%. Additionally there may be a lender fee (usually 2%) to be paid and it is usual in this market that the borrower also pays the lender’s legal and valuation fees.

Why should I use a broker to arrange a Bridging Loan?    

You can do all this yourself but with 80+ lenders out there, we can more quickly get you to the best rate and also ensure you are borrowing from a reputable, established lender. We will also guide you through the application process and ensure your application is presented to the lender in a manner than makes it most likely to be accepted at the lowest rate.

What is the maximum LTV available for a second charge bridging loan?    

Probably no more than 70% LTV is available but it depends on the asset and the exit strategy

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What is needed to apply

Applying for a Bridging Loan is very easy. Below are listed the things you need in order to apply.

  • Eligibility Criteria You just need to own a property that can be used as security and have a reasonable credit rating (though sometimes that's optional too)
  • Documents RequiredProof of ID, proof of ownership and an application form
  • Additional CommentsLoans can be arranged in as little as 48 hours but you pay for the privilege. Normally they take 7-10 days.

With Bridging Loans, the two key things lenders look at are: quality of asset and quality of exit (i.e how you intend to repay the loan). This is not cheap finance so you need to know how you're getting out before you get in. In the past few years we have been approached by approx 100 private firms wanting to lend for bridging finance but the concern we have is that many of these don't have their own money and so try to arrange deals and then get the money, this often causing delays to borrowers right when they need the money most. For this reason it's not just about rate but it's also about knowing the reputable lenders to borrow from. That's where we can help.

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