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Most Popular Regions in the UK to Start a Business

Last post: Mar 24, 2019

An infographic that shows the most popular regions to start a business in the UK, number of births and deaths in the year of 2017.

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When is a Merchant Cash Advance Suitable For Your Business?

Last post: Jan 2, 2019

When is a Merchant Cash Advance suitable? We take a look at the requirements for a merchant cash advance as well as whether or not you should choose a merchant cash advance over a traditional loan.

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3 Ways to Solve Your Cash Flow Problems with Alternative Finance

Last post: Aug 8, 2018

3 ways to solve your cash flow problems with alternative finance including Merchant Cash Advances, Revolving Credit Facilities and Invoice Financing.

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How Lenders Could Be Looking At Your Digital Footprint

Last post: Aug 6, 2018

Recent studies suggest that lenders could be using your digital footprint to determine if you are more likely to default when it comes to providing loans.

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Is Banking with Alexa The Future?

Last post: Jul 12, 2018

Choice Loans reviews how Mobile banking and the Fintech industry is using voice assistant to improve their customers banking experience. This includes support with Amazon's Alexa.

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Fintech Alternative Banking Options

Last post: Feb 16, 2018

Fintech, and fintech companies, offer a genuine alternative to the high street banks that have dominated the banking landscape for years. The oligopoly created by “The Big Four” and a few others is seriously under threat from this emerging market. In fact 2017 saw more money invested in the UK fintech market than anywhere else in Europe, despite the concerns over Brexit.

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