Bespoke Document Destruction

Last post: Mar 5, 2024

In a time where data security is non-negotiable, Clarks of Amersham offers a bespoke document destruction service crafted for businesses. We prioritise a secure and environmentally responsible approach to managing paperwork.

✅ Compliance and Environmental Responsibility

Seamlessly align with data protection legislation through Clarks of Amersham. With ISO 9001 and 14001 certification, our service emphasises data security and environmental sustainability. 

📑 Tailored Solutions for Business Documents

We understand the unique needs of businesses. Our service ensures the secure destruction of various documents, from customer records to financial paperwork. 

🌿 Sustainable Practices: Destroy and Recycle

Beyond secure destruction, we contribute to environmental preservation by recycling all shredded documents, minimising our environmental footprint. 

🔐 Safe and Transparent Process

Our confidential destruction process prioritises security and transparency. Our uniformed, security-cleared staff oversees the secure destruction process, providing a Certificate of Destruction for accountability. 

🚀 Key Service Highlights

- Supply of confidential waste sacks 

- Convenient delivery and collection service 

- Certificate of Destruction and audit trail for each bag shredded 

- Fully trained, uniformed staff 

- Fully compliant and registered waste carriers 

For more information on safeguarding your data and contributing to a greener future, please call us on 01494 774186.