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Finance for new build/renovation projects 

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What Development finance is available?

  • Residential and commercial developments all across the UK (incl. Northern Ireland)
  • Up to 75% of purchase and 100% of build costs (max 65% GDV)
  • In amounts from £25,000 with no maximum and rates from BBR + 4.5%
  • 'In principle' decisions available in a matter of days

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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I get a decision in principle?    

Once we know the details of your project a decision can be forthcoming within 24 hours.

How soon after that can i get a formal offer letter?    

Again, within 24-48 hours of receiving all the information from you.

What is the maximum you can borrow?    

Approx 75% of purchase cost, up to 100% of construction to a maximum 65% GDV.

How long can I have Development Finance for?    

Usually no more that 12-18 months but it depends on the project.

Do I have to service interest monthly or is it rolled up?    

It is almost always rolled up to the end of the projection order to protect your cash flow while the development is ongoing.

Do I need to have experience in property development in order to get finance?    

In all likelihood yes. Most lenders are reluctant to lend if it’s your first project but if you can show relevant skills in your team (e.g. Quantitiy Surveyors, Architects, Project managers etc.) then you will probably qualify.

Do I need to have Planning Permission before I get Development Finance?    

Yes, in most cases you will need at least Outline Planning permission before borrowing unless you are a very experienced developer and it is a strong project.

What will the finance cost?    

It is difficult to out a set rate on property finance. that’s where we, the broker, come in. By having access to many different lenses we can seek to find you the best rate from the most reputable lender. Typically these rates will start at BBR + 4.5%

What are the fees to arrange the finance?    

If you decide to arrange your finance through us, you will be charged a broker fee of 0.5-1%. Additionally it is customary in the market that you pay the lender’s legal and valuation fees. The lender may also charge an arrangement fee but this varies.

How to secure the best development finance

We only work with a panel of reputable lenders to find the best rates available. As experienced developers know, the best option is always to go with the most reliable lender rather than the lowest rate. They will be more flexible when timelines are stretched and will have funds available promptly when you need them most. Matching your individual project funding requirements with the right lender is one of our core services.

To see if we can assist you with your project please either call us on 01494 410 125 or complete the form opposite and we will be in touch.

What is needed to apply

Applying for Property Development Finance & Loans is very easy. Below are listed the things you need in order to apply.

  • Eligibility CriteriaExperienced developers only, max 65% GDV, projects in England, Scotland & Wales only. Minimum loan size is £50,000; no maximum. Both Residential and Commercial Development Finance available.
  • Documents RequiredDetailed breakdown of cost schedule and planning works. Proof of planning permission.
  • Additional CommentsAll rates and percentage lends will depend on the nature and location of the project as well as the development team

These days High Street banks will generally only lend to experienced developers. However, the vacuum they have left in the market has been filled by challenger banks, private lenders and crowdfunders. This means there now a range of options available to developers of all sizes and locations subject to having a credible plan. Talk to us for details of what your options are likely to be.

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