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Secret Investor: Assetz capital lower managed account returns and Lending Crowd develop AutoBid

Last post: Jan 10, 2018

LendingCrowd plan to offer the facility to automatically invest repayments on manually selected loans – a hybrid AutoBid. AssetzCapital reduce returns on one of their managed accounts and freeze investment into another… ReBuildingSociety intend to allow troubled loans to be traded on their Secondary Market.

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Secret Investor's 2017 in review - the beginning of the end of the 'Golden Age' of P2P lending?

Last post: Dec 22, 2017

History may regard 2017 as the beginning of the end for the golden era of Peer to Peer investments. The Secret Investor explains why.

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Secret Investor: ThinCats to introduce a Lender fee of 1% on interest earned and Funding Circle offer an optimistic outlook on stress tests

Last post: Dec 15, 2017

AssetzCapital launch their IFISA this month while Ratesetter and ThinCats plan to do the same in the New Year… ThinCats will bring in a 1% fee on income for new customers after 1st January… FundingSecure Total Lending exceeds £200 million

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Secret Investor: Funding Circle launch IFISA and a rare default at Assetz Capital

Last post: Nov 30, 2017

FundingCircle launch their IFISA tomorrow (30th November)… AssetzCapital beat their equity funding target on Seedrs by 50% proving how much faith investors have in their P2P model… LendingCrowd meanwhile are giving away gin-filled baubles in the lead up to Christmas plus £200 to new investors.

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Secret Investor: Defaults mount at Funding Circle and Crowd2Fund raise expansion capital

Last post: Nov 15, 2017

Crowd2Fund aim to raise £10 million of expansion capital with 10% of that figure coming from investors on their platform… Despite significantly reducing his holdings, the Secret Investor’s defaults continue to mount at FundingCircle

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Secret Investor: Assetz capital in equity raise and Funding Secure's secondary market shows good liquidity

Last post: Nov 2, 2017

AssetzCapital launch a round of equity funding via Seedrs… Invest & Fund broaden their lending criteria to encompass lower risk/return opportunities… ArchOver pass the £50 million lent milestone

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