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Secret investor: Crowd2Fund get busier and Lending Works offer investor incentives

Last post: Jul 27, 2017

Ratesetter offer fee-free withdrawals having had to intervene with 3 borrowers who provide credit services to the general public… Lending Works offers up to £200 to those with funds to deposit.

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Secret Investor: Funding Knight to relaunch and busy times for Crowd2Fund

Last post: Jul 13, 2017

Having only listed 1 loan during 2017, FundingKnight are planning a relaunch and rebranding exercise, Crowd2Fund get busy and Funding Circle reverse their decision to default a loan - a first for the Secret Investor!

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When is a Default on a P2P loan not a Default?

Last post: Jul 9, 2017

How to peer to peer lenders treat defaults? Very differently actually and the astute investor will need to be aware that each platform defines a default differently.

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Secret Investor: Records broken at Assetz Capital and technical problems for Thincats

Last post: Jun 30, 2017

A record-breaking fortnight for Assetz Capital… Cash Flow! Don’t mention Cash Flow… Another outage for the ThinCats’ website… Only a single loan has been listed on FundingKnight in the first half of 2017

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Secret Investor: InvestUp launch Robolending and Archover offers higher returns

Last post: Jun 15, 2017

InvestUp introduce RoboLending… Assetz Capital launch yet another managed fund – this one features loans secured against property but the target rate of return is only 5.5% pa… Daring investors can now invest via an IFISA wrapper on the high risk/return ReBuildingSociety platform…

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Secret Investor: Funding Circle become FCA authorised and Zopa launch their IFISA

Last post: Jun 1, 2017

Funding Circle have received full authorisation from the FCA although, looking ahead, they appear a little concerned as to how they will cope with the expected demand from investors when they introduce an IFISA product now they have permission to do so… Zopa are managing this problem by initially offering their IFISA to existing customers only

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