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Secret Investor: Assetz Capital lower cost of borrowing and Zopa ties up with Saffron Building Society

Last post: Oct 6, 2017

AssetzCapital cut interest rates on certain property backed loans… P2P moves closer to the mainstream as Zopa lends money to customers of the Saffron Building Society… ThinCats open up their platform to institutional investors.

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Secret Investor: Assetz capital get FCA approval and RateSetter offer Hire Purchase to borrowers

Last post: Sep 21, 2017

FundingCircle outlaw active investing… Invest & Fund and Assetz Capital receive Full Authorisation from the FCA paving the way for them to offer IFISAs… Ratesetter offer Hire Purchase products to borrowers.

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Secret Investor: First investment on Crowd2Fund and increasing returns from RateSetter

Last post: Sep 7, 2017

LendingCrowd extend their £150 Cashback offer until the end of September… ReBuildingSociety also offer 4% pa Cashback on bids prior to auctions closing… Returns at Ratesetter are on the up.

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Secret Investor: Funding Circle move to AutoBid and Zopa reduce forecasts for investor returns

Last post: Aug 25, 2017

Funding Circle will become AutoBid only in mid-September… Zopa reduces its forecasted rates of return due to an expected increase in defaults for unsecured consumer loans… The Secret Investor suffers his first loss on the FundingSecure platform.

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Funding Circle to no longer allow investors choose loans individually

Last post: Aug 22, 2017

Funding Circle have announced from Sept 18th investors will no longer be able to select what loans they invest in and must instead cede this decision to an AutoBid system

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Secret Investor: RateSetter hit £2bn and both ThinCats and Funding Knight become FCA authorised for IFISAs

Last post: Aug 11, 2017

Having scaled back on wholesale lending, Ratesetter finally make it to the £2 billion lent mark… ThinCats and FundingKnight both get the green light to provide IFISAs after receiving Full Authorisation from the FCA… LendingCrowd offer £150 Cashback

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