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Secret Investor: Funding Circle become FCA authorised and Zopa launch their IFISA

Last post: Jun 1, 2017

Funding Circle have received full authorisation from the FCA although, looking ahead, they appear a little concerned as to how they will cope with the expected demand from investors when they introduce an IFISA product now they have permission to do so… Zopa are managing this problem by initially offering their IFISA to existing customers only

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Secret Investor: Funding Circle overtake Zopa and rates on personal loan lending fall

Last post: May 18, 2017

Funding Circle overtake Zopa to become the P2P that has lent the most… There is good news for Zopa as it becomes the first of the “Big 3” to receive full authorisation from the FCA paving the way for it to offer an IFISA… Meanwhile, the top rate of return at the third of the “Big 3” – Ratesetter – falls 2% in as many months to just 3.2% pa.

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Secret Investor: Shorter auctions from Lending Crowd, trouble for Money and Co loans

Last post: May 4, 2017

Lending Crowd have shortened the duration of auctions to allow investors earn money sooner, Assetz have increased the return on their investment accounts and Money and Co disclose three loans in trouble

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Secret Investor: Funding Secure launch IFISA and Funding Circle halt development lending

Last post: Apr 20, 2017

The Secret Investor’s favourite platform – FundingSecure – launch their IFISA… FundingCircle is to remove lending to property developers from its portfolio over the next 18 months… The Easter holidays result in a reduction in throughput on most sites

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Secret Investor: regulation of the IFISA causes frustration

Last post: Apr 6, 2017

Regulation of the IFISA frustrates the Secret Investor, Funding Secure get full authorisation from the FCA, Money & Co come to market with a rare deal and a deal with Lending Crowd defaults after only three payments!

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Secret Investor: FundingCircle Join Zopa in the £2 Billion Lent Club

Last post: Feb 23, 2017

FundingCircle join Zopa in the £2 billion Total Lent Club… FundingSecure have released a Total Interest Earnt figure and it’s very impressive at over 13% pa… Lending Crowd have launched their IFISA which has a target return of 6% pa.

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