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Secret Investor: Money & Co raise money for property speculation and RateSetter pass 5,000 IFISA applications

Last post: Mar 21, 2018

To support their increasing throughput, Assetz Capital launch a Spring Bonus, offering 1% pa for a limited time on any new lending… Ratesetter see more than 5,000 IFISA accounts opened

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Secret Investor: ThinCats delay IFISA launch to 2018/19 Tax year but Assetz Capital increase flexibility of their IFISA

Last post: Mar 7, 2018

Assetz Capital have made their IFISA available on the Manual Investment Account… ThinCats delay the introduction of their IFISA until new tax year begins in early April… LendingCrowd will use funds in Managed Accounts to make purchases on their Secondary Market

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Secret Investor: ArchOver launch new loans against R&D reclaims and Assetz fix software bugs

Last post: Feb 22, 2018

ArchOver, as well as preparing to make their IFISA available in the next few weeks, launched a new type of loan which is secured against a R&D tax refund… Assetz Capital fix a bug in their software which was preventing payments being made from their Provision Fund when interest payments were missed.

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Secret Investor: Invest & Fund to offer higher risk loans at greater returns and a new investment strategy for Funding Secure

Last post: Feb 7, 2018

Zopa pass the £3 billion lent mark… Invest & Fund plan to offer riskier loans with LTV’s above 75%... Lending at Ratesetter returns to pre-Crisis throughput ahead of the launch of their IFISA tomorrow (8th February).

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Secret Investor: RateSetter cease unsecured business lending and rates at Zopa and Lending Works rise slightly

Last post: Jan 24, 2018

Invest & Fund plan to give their investors more time to undertake due diligence… I&F are also developing an Auto-Bid product… Zopa increase the rates for investors (slightly) and open up their IFISA to new customers… Rates are rising at LendingWorks too

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Secret Investor: Assetz capital lower managed account returns and Lending Crowd develop AutoBid

Last post: Jan 10, 2018

LendingCrowd plan to offer the facility to automatically invest repayments on manually selected loans – a hybrid AutoBid. AssetzCapital reduce returns on one of their managed accounts and freeze investment into another… ReBuildingSociety intend to allow troubled loans to be traded on their Secondary Market.

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