What is Happening In Peer-To-Peer Lending - Market Commentary – 15th October 2014

Last post: Oct 15, 2014

The Secret Investor reviews the peer to peer lending market 15th of October 2014

Totals lent to date (15th October 2014)

Assetz Capital - £49,490,745

Funding Circle - £388,758,120

FundingKnight - £7,933,000

FundingSecure - £1,992,879

Lending Works - £2,228,916

Money & Co –  £2,640,000

Rebuildingsociety - £3,903,110

ThinCats - £78,177,000

Zopa - £641,000,000


Well, it has certainly been an excellent two weeks for a number of the peer-to-peer lenders we feature here with significant increases being seen in their lending volumes.

Assetz Capital  

Assetz Capital's investors have so far funded £49,490,745 of loans – an increase of 10.35% in two weeks. A superb performance. They appear to be delivering on what they forecast in their blog of 19th September.There are a number of auctions taking place plus the opportunity to buy loan units. They have made some enhancements to their website such as the ability to set up automatic investment filters thus improving the lenders user experience - take a look.

Funding Circle

To date, it has processed loans totaling £388,758,120 – an increase of 3.47% in 2 weeks. The platform remains active with £7.2 million being lent to businesses in week 40 (29 September to 5 October 2014). This included two property development loans for £650,000 and £499,000 at fixed rates of 8%.

In week 41 (6 to 12 October 2014), 131 new business loans totaling over £9 million were listed on the marketplace ranging in amounts from £5,000 to £571,440. Since April 2014, property loans amounting to over £15 million have been funded thus helping this sector.


To date, loans totaling £7,933,000 have been processed – an increase of 2.08% in a fortnight. They have had 4 new loans come up for auction in the last 2 weeks but only one of those currently remains available for investing in. There are however numerous "loan parts" available in the Loan Exchange so why not take a look.


FundingSecure has administered advances totaling £1,992,879 – an increase of 46.61% in 2 weeks. The "Superman comic book" loan for £50,000 was invested in by around 60 people and was fully funded within 48 hours. That is hardly surprising considering the security margin and, dare we say, the subject matter of the security offered.

Back in April 2014, a loan of £525,000 over 6 months was arranged with the security being 5,000 rare Italian books valued at about £3 million. The loan came up for repayment in October 2014 but the borrower still required finance. So, having covered the interest on the loan over the last 6 months, the borrower has arranged another loan for £525,000 with all but around £100,000 of the funds raised coming from the existing investors.

Lending Works

Lending Works has arranged loans totaling £2,228,916 – an increase of 14.38%. Another large increase in their lending book but nothing further to report.

Money & Co

The amount lent so far remains at £2,640,000. They have two new loans available in their auction - £850,000 and £375,000 and five existing loans for your consideration.


rebuildingsociety's loan book stands at £3,903,110 – an increase of 2.49% in the last 2 weeks. They continue to receive a steady flow of loan applications and have a number of live loan auctions for your perusal.

They have recently completed on a £50,000 loan for a sweet company located in Yorkshire. Candy Hero has three stores in the county selling candy and used the money from 200 investors to increase stock supplies that they import from around the world. They sell through the shops and online.