How to Save On Amazon as a Business Owner

Last post: Aug 15, 2018

If you're a business who often buys from Amazon, whether it be on bulk orders of cutlery for your restaurant or large commercial machinery, it's worth getting a better deal with Amazon Business.

Amazon Business is a new and competitive B2B marketplace that offers exclusive benefits to members, specifically those who own a business. These exclusive benefits come in the form of lower purchasing costs, options to pay by invoice, improved visibility and search controls and easy reconciliation.

Working at Choice Loans, are aim is to provide alternative finance for businesses to improve their cash flow, resolve complications and ensure they continue to grow without fear of lack of funds. Therefore when we discover a solution that's outside of alternative finance, we want to be able to highlight it to our customers.

For a lot of businesses, buying bulk is crucial to encouraging effective margins and doing so, in a quick and secure solution, benefits business.

Members of Amazon Business can enjoy competitive prices on specific products in bulk whilst reducing delivery costs.

Director of the Commercial Verticle at Amazon stated, "We constantly hear from Amazon Business customers that our business-only prices across such a vast selection of products is key to solving their 'tail spending' challenges (money spent on non-planned or managed supplies, spanning a broad range of categories). Tail spend can be costly and time-consuming for businesses, as it often requires managing hundreds or even thousands of different suppliers,".

Not only can members save money on bulk orders, but the increased paying options such as paying via an invoice is extremely beneficial when it comes to managing financial accounts.

You can create a free Amazon Business account by following the links.

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