Ready to Exit? Make Sure Your Business Is Too

Last post: May 7, 2024

Exiting a business isn't just a goal—it's a strategy. Here's how to ensure your business is as ready as you are:

1. Know Your Worth - Understand and articulate the value of your business beyond the numbers. This includes brand strength and customer loyalty, which often weigh heavily in valuation.

2. Streamline Your Books - Clear, organized financials speak volumes about your business's health and are crucial for a smooth transition. Make sure your financial statements are transparent and up-to-date.

3. Set Up to Step Back - A business dependent on its owner is less appealing to buyers. Develop systems and a team that allow the business to operate without you. This independence makes it more attractive and viable for the future.

4. Secure Your Assets - Address any legal loose ends. Protect intellectual property, ensure all contracts are transferable, and resolve any ongoing disputes to make your business a safer bet for new owners.

5. Confirm Your Competitive Edge - Solidify your market position. A strong standing makes your business a more attractive prospect.

Keep it simple: Be clear about what makes your business valuable. Make it relevant: Focus on how these steps will appeal to a buyer. Make it repeatable: Each point should reinforce that your business is robust and ready for transition and if you need support, find yourself a good business exit strategy specialist.

With thanks to Simon Ellson of Action Coach for providing an insightful article on ensuring your business is ready to exit and allowing Choice Business Loans to share this with our customers.