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Peer-To-Peer Lending With The Secret Investor

Goodbye from the Secret Investor

Last post: Oct 24, 2019

The Secret Investor summarises his thoughts after 4 years of writing about his P2P investments. What has he learned, what does he think will happen to the industry now and what will he do from now on?

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Reviews Of The Peer-To-Peer Lending Sites

InvestUP - The P2P Superstore

Last post: Dec 21, 2015

Diversification. That is the key to successful P2P lending but such a strategy, with funds spread across many platforms, can be extremely time consuming. The InvestUP Crowdfunding brokerage has been established to alleviate this problem by enabling investors to distribute their capital across many P2P hosts using just one account. Currently, offerings are listed from over 20 P2P sites in this online superstore of opportunities.

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Special Reports & Infographics

What is marketing - and how it can benefit your business

Last post: Nov 8, 2021

At Choice Business Loans we want to see our clients thrive, which is why we take the time and care to provide them with the right advice when it comes to loan solutions available to them. Beyond smart finances, running a successful SME often includes lots of multitasking and balancing of priorities. One such priority that can be difficult to get to grips with but is hugely important, is marketing. Nicole Martin of Pinpoint Marketing shared with us her top tips on getting it right - and some thoughts on when it may be time to outsource.

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Relevant Issues Blog

Developing a PR strategy

Last post: Jun 27, 2023

Implementing an effective PR strategy as part of your overall marketing strategy will help you communicate with your audiences through various channels in a meaningful way​. Press coverage i.e. unpaid coverage from an independent third party, presents your business and its products or services as credible and trustworthy​ An effective PR strategy can also help you increase company awareness, it can assist the sales process, drive employee engagement and attract talent and complement other marketing activities.

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Recent Blog posts

  • Earlier this week the British Business Bank published data for the first time on the uptake of the Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS), showing that just £1.06bn worth of loans had been extended so far - a sharp contrast to CBILS and BBLS at the beginning of the pandemic which helped facilitate over £80bn in small business lending throughout 2020 and early 2021.

  • The key determining factor for a lender in reaching a funding decision is affordability.

  • It is now widely expected that the Bank of England interest rate will rise before the end of the year, with further increases earmarked for February and August. The cumulative effect will result in interest rates reaching 0.75% by the end of 2022.

    While this is still low and the increases are small, the impact on businesses can be significant - particularly against the backdrop of the pandemic and Brexit.

  • VAT deferral and Government loan schemes were a lifeline for businesses struggling through the pandemic. Now, with normality resuming, it's important to get finances organised so that all-important cashflow isn't choked by the looming re-payments.

  • The ongoing pandemic has for many SME owners been a wakeup call. Bruised by coping with the machinations of Brexit and the consequent need for stockpiling, and the ongoing impact of the pandemic on health and the economy, (re)assessing your own retirement plans may now be feeling timely.

  • Finance for developers, small builders, renovators and property portfolio builders is becoming a hugely competitive place with speed of delivery at an all time high, ensuring that projects are funded quickly to get a quicker return.

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